TourBox Elite, Video Photo Editing Controller, Bluetooth 5.0 Customized Shortcut Keyboard - White

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TourBox Elite - White
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TourBox Elite, an unparalleled Bluetooth editing controller, is engineered for digital content producers.

Whether it's brush control, video and sound editing, image manipulation, parameter calibration or tool switching, the TourBox Elite is the most intuitive way to do it. Get rid of the clumsy keyboard and start taking control of the entire creative process, with a single hand.

As a dual-channel Bluetooth controller, TourBox Elite loads with features such as pinpoint control (lag-free) algorithm, customizable UI and macro command, providing users the highest level of precision and customization.

Complimented with the most advanced haptic feedback technology and featuring the TourMenu plugin and upgraded components, the TourBox Elite will help you achieve sleek one-handed operation with improved productivity and performance.

Connectivity technology Bluetooth, USB
Operating system Windows, Mac OS
Special features Shortcut Key, Programmable Press Key
Model name Elite


About this item

  • NO MORE CABLE CLUTTER AROUND YOUR COMPUTER TourBox Elite embeds dual-host Bluetooth LE5.0 technology, delivering instant connection and seamless control over 2 computers or graphics tablets. (Cable connection is also available for the variation with cable and storage bag.) It also features subtle haptic feedback, brought by the industry-leading wide-band motor, which brings you the most intuitive experience across multiple workflows, from drawing, to photo and video editing.
  • WIDE HARDWARE & SOFTWARE COMPATIBILITY TourBox operates with all Mac and Windows programs that rely on keyboard shortcuts, such as Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere-edit and Premiere-color, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve, Final Cut Pro X, Clip Studio Paint, Camera Raw, Capture One Pro, Paint Tool SAI, you name it!
  • POWERFUL CUSTOMIZABLE BUTTONS With only 11 buttons and 3 rotary ones, the TourBox comes with over a hundred input methods. In-depth design for various application scenarios whether it is brush control, image control, parameter adjust, or tool switching, immerse yourself into the creation and increase the productivity by 40%!
  • EYE-FREE ONE-HAND CONTROL Its compact size and button layout allow full control using one hand. All buttons and knobs are different in shape and are super easy to recognize and memorized so that users don’t have to look down searching for buttons. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you can quickly and easily master it.
  • FINE MANUFACTURING Skin-friendly materials and comfortable to hold. Tightly selected manufacturing process and ergonomic design let it fit perfectly in the palm of your hand. With 200,000 times of durability tests, it is not an electronic toy, but a real tool for creators. The right weight makes it stable and not move with ease, allowing you to operate confidently..PROFESSIONAL CUSTOMER SERVICE ”Listen to the customers, and exceed their expectations.
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