YC Onion TOAST Video Light

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TAVL_A TOAST Video Light
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Ultra-wide color temperature, 360 full color, APP control, intelligent shooting system.
Cool red and black colors, aviation aluminum alloy material, can be used in hand. Professional and innovative wide-range color temperature mode: 2800K-10000K variable color temperature, providing greater imagination for film and television creation. 20 levels of tone compensation (G/M): Red and green compensation can be adjusted in color temperature mode. High color rendering color: Ultra-high color rendering, ultra-high TLCI, 0.5M illumination up to 3630Lux. HSI color mode: Hue 0-360 degrees, saturation 0-100%, brightness 0-100%. With color sharing function: The same color can be copied by scanning the QR code. RGBW: Each lamp bead color can be controlled independently, and the realistic light effect can be restored in special scenes. Built-in nine special effect scene modes: Fulmination, ambulance, police car, fire truck, smoke and fire, broken TV, broken light bulb 3000K, broken light bulb 6000K, candle. Two operation modes: Physical buttons, mobile APP control, Shading plate handle set, suitable for TOAST basic version. Detachable design: The handle of the shading plate is locked and locked by a number of hexagon socket screws and thumb screws.

Dual power supply mode: Do not worry about power supply, battery (F970, F750, F550) power supply is lighter, and the power supply is more stable 

Weight: 3.2KG
Power: 60W
Dimensions: 400mm x 360mm x 125mm
Color temperature range: 2800K-10000K
Power interface: DC (15V 4A)
Illumination: About 0.3m, 1070lux
Battery life: F970 is about 130 minutes, F750 is about 105 minutes, F550 is about 50 minutes
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Brand NameYc Onion
IBC NumberiBC-YC00009
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