RS82 REVORING Variable Adapter

RS82 REVORING Variable Adapter
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H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter Features

  • The RevoRing allows you to attach one screw-in filter and apply it to multiple lenses without the need for step-up rings
  • Each RevoRing features unique self retracting blade technology with threaded ends to secure on the front of your lens
  • Each threaded end has been designed to overlap therefore completely removing any possibility of light leak
  • All RevoRing products are made using Architectural grade Aluminum, keeping it lightweight and tough. The anodised finish also protects the ring from corrosion when shooting outside in unpredicted elements
  • There are 5 variable size options to choose from

About H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter

The H&Y RevoRing is a true first in the image-making world. Its revolutionary design overcomes the need for multiple filters and step-up rings, saving photographers and filmmakers both time and money. The H&Y RevoRing is a completely new type of filter adapter. With its patent-pending variable and tough retractable blade technology, it can fit any lens with filter thread sizes between 67 - 82mm, accommodating either 82mm screw-in filters, respectively.

This versatility removes any need for photographers, cinematographers and content creators to carry multiple step-up/step-down rings, which can make for messy kit bags, adding unnecessary weight and slowing down the creative process. Key to the H&Y RevoRing's unique design is its innovative, retractable & variable diaphragm. This precision-engineered feature allows the H&Y RevoRing to make 1 filter instantly attachable to multiple lenses, and with 4 size options, filter thread sizes from 37mm through to 95mm are all covered.

The H&Y RevoRing has been manufactured entirely from architectural building-grade 6063 aluminum, making it incredibly strong and lightweight. Finished in a matte black anodized coating, further protecting it from adverse weather conditions, the H&Y RevoRing is truly a "go-anywhere" solution that will serve for years to come.

H&Y RevoRing Variable Adapter Specifications

Material: Aluminum
Size: 67 - 82mm Lens Thread
Compatibility: 82mm Filters
Battery Info: No battery used
Battery Material: -
Battery Quantity: 0
Battery Type: -
IBC Number iBC-HY00168
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